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  1. Alzheimer’s Disease and the Benefits of Live-in Care

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    The importance of one-to-one care

    One of the benefits of having live-in care in your own home is it doesn’t matter how you are affected by your condition you will always have the one to one care and the support that you need to enable you to still live your life as independently as you possibly can.

    Our carers are trained to be kind and understanding and to always make time to listen to their clients. They are encouraged to be flexible and allow their client to make their own decisions in their own time. We have recently asked our carers to create a daily diary with their clients where possible as this enables them to look back and reflect on what they have done over the past few days which helps their memory enormously. This has proved to be very successful and the clients families are also seeing the benefits of this as they are able to look through it with their loved one when they visit and can discuss what they have being doing throughout the week which they would not have been able to do previously.

    Our carers are trained to include their clients in everything they do and to work together to enable them to maintain their self-confidence and control. In a care home, even simple choices cannot be personalised – such as meal times and menus.

    Keeping familiar surroundings is an important factor

    Continuing to live in your own home with the support you need also means you are in familiar surroundings with your memories around you. You are able to continue with your own routine that you know and if you have a pet your carer will assist you with feeding it and giving it the love you always have. Family and friends can visit any time they want and they will be offered a cup of tea by your carer and made welcome.

    Being able to maintain your social activities is extremely important as this enables you to lead your life as normally as possible and the carer is always happy to assist you with this.

    To summarise: our carers will assist you to maintain your social activities, maintain choices, maintain independence, ensure you have a regular routine that you are familiar with and assist you with any needs that you have. They are not there to take over your life just to assist you with living your life to the full, safely.

    Lack of support at home can lead to admission to hospital and early entry into care homes which are the two things most would like to avoid.

    Care at Home range of services

    We provide full time care at home for older people who want to maintain their dignity and independence and continue living in the comfort and safety of their own home.