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What is a Respite Care Provider?

Are you one of the million plus people in the UK who are currently looking after an elderly relative or loved one in your own home? No matter how much you care for this person, if you are providing full-time care, seven days a week, chances are you could both do with a break.

Caring for an elderly person, particularly if they are family, can be very rewarding. However, it can be tiring, both physically and mentally. For both your sake and that of your loved one, having a break from each other is extremely healthy.

This break is often called respite care. As a respite care provider, we can ensure your loved one is looked after in your absence. Whether you are on holiday with your children, or simply need some time to yourself, utilising the expertise of a respite care provider can do you and your elderly patient the world of good.

How Does Respite Care at Home Work?

What is Live-in Care

Whilst respite care is readily available in residential and nursing homes, Care at Home lessen the disruption that packing and moving to one of these facilities can be. We offer respite care in your home, meaning your loved one can stay in the comfort of their own home and familiar surroundings.

Whether you require respite care for a couple of days or a longer period, one of our compassionate and professional carers will move into your property to provide complete continuity of care in your absence. Not only does this give you a welcome break from caring, but your elderly relative will get to meet somebody who could further help them with freedom and quality of life.

Respite Care Services from Care at Home

Whether your loved one has complex medical needs or simply requires a little help with daily tasks, our specialist carers will be able to provide a level of respite care that best suits them.

Care at Home have been providing specialist respite care since 1990 and our kind and experienced carers are able to step into your shoes and provide the care and support your loved one requires whilst you are away.

We take exactly the same approach in planning our short-term respite care plans as we do with longer-term assignments. This means we will sit down with you and your loved one and plan every aspect of the care they need thoroughly and meticulously. This can include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Their daily routine
  • Their food preferences and allergies
  • Their personal care needs
  • Their medical requirements
  • Their general house-keeping requirements
  • Their likes and dislikes

Find Out More About Respite Home Care

To find out more about our respite care service please call our friendly team on 0800 0807 891. Alternatively, request a brochure online.

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There was universal praise for carers and they were described as, “wonderful”, and “outstanding”.

#25. CQC inspection 2015

We are profoundly grateful that we found out about the existence of Care at Home.

#7. Close relative of a client in Birmingham

Your carer improved my mother’s quality of life with her wonderful sense of humour and loving care beyond anything we had seen before.

#4. Son of a client in Leicestershire

I am so, so, so happy with the support my aunt has been given. Her carer is excellent & fantastic.

#9. Niece of client in Beccles, Suffolk

Branka’s care was exceptional and we were so lucky to have her looking after Don for the last year of his life, and helping to make him as calm and comfortable as possible’.

#38 Clients daughter in law in Hertfordshire.

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