Live-In Care Funding

Cost of care is an important consideration and understandably, not everyone can afford to pay the costs without some financial support. Thankfully, there are various funding options available for live-in care which we have outlined below.

NHS Fully Funded Care

You or your loved one may be eligible for fully funded live-in care through the NHS, via their Continuing Healthcare scheme, if it can be demonstrated that you meet the requirements. Although this option is not means tested, it is subject to a strict criteria assessment and the decision is made by the Clinical Commissioning Group. The assessment must demonstrate that you have a primary health need.

Contact your GP for more information and to book a Continuing Healthcare screening to establish if you qualify.

Local Authority Funding for Live-in Care

If you meet certain eligibility criteria, your local authority may be able to fund part or all of your care costs.  Eligibility is based on two assessments; a financial assessment and a needs assessment.

The financial assessment, known as means testing, takes into consideration income and any assets, such as investments, savings and property. Other factors that are taken into consideration include the age of the person, type of care required and location within the UK.

The value used as the threshold does vary across individual local authorities. If your assets are below £14,250 you will qualify for fully funded care. However, in general, you can expect that if you have assets exceeding around £24,000, it will be unlikely that you will be eligible to receive care funding for live in care or indeed residential care.

Partial care funding is available where any assets are valued at between £14,250 – £23,250.

If you go in to residential care, what you pay towards the cost will still depend on a means-test of your assets. However, the critical difference is this test will include the value of your home. If you do go in to a care home, once you have used up your savings, you would be forced to sell your house to continue paying for your care. This is one reason why live-in care in your own home is a far more cost-effective option.

What’s more, if your local authority covers any of your care costs, they will use your pension as a contribution.

There are also other benefits that you may be eligible to receive. These include:

Previously known as the disability living allowance, this non-taxable weekly benefit is for those aged between 16 and 64 who have a disability or long-term illness affecting their day to day living and mobility. Although not means tested, it is subject to a ridged assessment measures.

This non-means tested and tax-exempt benefit is based upon the level of care required. This benefit is specifically for individuals over the age of 65 requiring care as a result of a physical or mental disability.

Those living alone with a diagnosed severe cognitive impairment, for example dementia, are entirely exempt from paying for Council Tax. If a partner shares the property, they will be eligible to receive the single occupancy council tax discount (25%). Discounts also apply for anyone with a permanent disability needing care.

For more guidance and support on how to apply for any of the aforementioned funding and benefits, please contact your local authority.

Further Advice for Live-in Care Costs

If you would like to find out more about out live-in care services and other funding options you can receive a Care at Home brochure by requesting one online. Alternatively, to speak to one of our care experts, please call us on 0800 0807 891 or send an email to

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