Home care for the elderly in their own home

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Home care services

Many people assume that, once an elderly loved one can no longer cope on their own at home, the only alternative is for them to move to a residential care home. Fortunately this is not the case and increasing numbers of people are discovering the benefits of 24-hour live-in care as an ideal option.

Advantages of home care for the elderly in their own home

  • Of all the care options available for the elderly, live-in care in their own home is the easiest for them to adjust to, precisely because it saves them from the disruption and heart-ache of having to move out of their own home.
  • Because it offers continuity, live-in care allows them to maintain their normal way of life.
  • The care and companionship provided by live-in care brings peace of mind both to them and to their close family associated with a care home.
  • Instead of having to get used to their personal care needs being attended to by a number of different care staff, they will receive one-to-one care from their own hand-picked carer at the time they choose and in the way they want it.
  • Their carer will cook their favourite meals for them and take care of all the shopping and house-keeping.
  • Both you and other close family members, together with their friends and neighbours, will still be able to drop in on them whenever they like.
  • After no time at all they will form a close relationship with their carer and will soon come to see them as a true friend. They will take pleasure in their companionship and value the fact that there is someone there for them with whom they can enjoy a laugh and share their memories.
  • Their carer will help them get out and about as much as possible and encourage them to remain part of their local community.

Our home care services

As  live-in care specialists with over 20 years’ experience, we understand what matters most to the elderly, namely staying in the comfort and security of their own home and enjoying daily companionship.

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