Looking for an alternative to a care home in Essex?

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The recent news of elder abuse in a care home in Braintree will be deeply worrying to anyone thinking about care options for an elderly loved one in Essex. After all, if you cannot rely on a care home which is subject to regular government inspection to treat your mother or father with dignity and respect, what faith and trust can you have in the care system as a whole?

But why entrust your elderly loved one to the care system in the first place?

There is an alternative

Live-in care costsMany people still assume that a care home is the only option for an older person who can no longer manage on their own at home. Thankfully this is not the case and thousands of families up and down the county have already discovered a much easier and safer alternative. Instead of entrusting their elderly loved ones to residential care, they have arranged for them to receive live-in care in their own home.

The advantages of live-in care in your own home

The benefits of care at home are many and varied. In your own home you can:

  • Stay in control of your own life
  • Keep your independence and your dignity
  • Maintain your own lifestyle in the home you know and love
  • Enjoy daily companionship and regular outings with a hand-picked carer of your own choosing
  • Have your personal care needs attended to promptly, sensitively and discreetly by a trained professional
  • Enjoy visits from family and friends at whatever time suits you
  • Encourage members of your family to act as your own team of “care inspectors” to make sure the care you are receiving remains of the highest standard

More information

If you would like to know more about how Care at Home’s fully managed care service can help your elderly loved one maintain their dignity and independence, please phone Angela on 08000 807 891, or why not request an Information Pack.

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