The older you get, the happier you feel – it’s now official!

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According to research published recently in the Journals of Gerontology, as reported in the Daily Mail on 20th March, people are often happier and more contented in their old age than when they were younger. A far bigger worry for most people in their old age is whether they will be able to maintain their quality of life.

Happiness changes for people as they get older

The research suggests that the meaning of happiness changes for people as they get older. Despite mounting health and mobility problems, their general level of contentment tends to increase. One of the authors of the study, Dr Stephen Jivraj, believes that this increase in happiness could be related to the fact that, once people have reached, for example, the age of 80, they experience a certain sense of achievement. “If you have reached 80 years, perhaps you look back on all the things that have happened in your life, so that when you’re asked about your level of satisfaction, you feel you’ve achieved a lot.”


Live-in care for the elderly – the alternative to living alone

For most elderly people the biggest factors influencing their quality of life are firstly whether they can continue living in their own home and secondly whether they are able to enjoy regular daily companionship. Many find that their quality of life takes a distinct turn for the worse, once they lose their spouse or long-term partner and find themselves living alone. Strange as it may seem, the sad fact is that many grown-up children tend to visit their mother or father far less frequently after they have been left on their own than they did when both their parents were alive.

Loneliness among the elderly can take a heavy toll on both their physical and mental health, yet many view the prospect of moving to a care home with fear and trepidation. Thankfully moving to a care home is not the only option. If your loved one is not keen on the idea of residential care, but is too frail and vulnerable to be continue living safely on their own, why not talk to them about live-in care in their own home? It is the natural alternative to a care home and withlive-in care in their own home, your loved one will never have to worry about feeling lonely again.

Live-in care – Helping your loved one to stay happy

With the support of a professionally trained live-in carer from a specialist live-in care provider like Care at Home, thousands of people each year are now able to postpone the fateful decision to move into residential care. Instead they can continue living happily and safely in the comfort and safety of their own home.Live-in care will enable them to enjoy regular daily companionship and maintain their quality of life, while providing their grown up children with the reassurance and peace of mind that their loved one is happy and contented, as well as safe and well cared for.

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