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Live in care Sussex

Live-in care for people living in East and West Sussex

Founded in 1990 and still a family-owned business, Care at Home has been offering a high quality live-in care service across both East Sussex and West Sussex for more than 10 years.

Care at Home is authorised and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and is a member of the UK Home Care Association.

Thank you to Regina for her patience, kindness, understanding and tenacity with the doctors.. Daughter of Mrs R, client in Brighton

The great alternative to a care home

Sussex live-in careLive-in care is the logical alternative to a care home for anyone who wants to continue living in their own home in their old age, but needs care and assistance to enable them to do so safely. Just because someone has become frail and vulnerable does not mean that they will view the prospect of giving up their home with any real enthusiasm. On the contrary, many people become increasingly attached to the familiar surroundings of home as they get older.

This is where Care at Home can help – we will support your loved with one of our trained and experienced carers. They will provide, sensitively and discreetly, whatever degree of care and companionship is required – round the clock, seven days a week. This will enable your loved one to continue enjoying the comfort and familiarity of their own home and to keep living their life in exactly the way they want to.

Live-in care information pack

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Elderly care in Sussex

There are around 93,000 people in Sussex over the age of 80, some 17,000 of whom are over 90. Nearly 20% of older people are likely to require full-time care in their later years and many of them will eventually move into one of the more than 840 care and nursing homes in the county. The greatest concentration of care homes is in and around Bognor Regis and Littlehampton, Brighton and Hove and Worthing.
With an increasing elderly population and not always enough residential care home places to meet the demand, more and more people are starting to consider the alternative of full-time care in their own home. As a specialist live-in care provider in Sussex, we are starting to see an increasing demand for our services.
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The Care at Home way

With over 20 years’ experience, our team are proud to be recognised as one of the UK’s leading specialist providers of live-in care. Clients who choose Care at Home can expect an unrivalled quality of service and meticulous attention to detail. Our offer of a two week trial has been developed over many years through helping many hundreds of clients and their families experience for themselves the benefits of a high quality, live-in care service.

Types of care

We offer full-time, one to one, live-in care to meet the following needs:

I am very impressed by the quality of care given to a patient I saw at home today, she was very knowledgeable, helpful and showed great kindness towards this lady who had suffered a stroke and was bed bound. She is a credit to the caring profession. – GP of Mrs R, client in Brighton

Providing experienced and professionally trained carers

Why choose live-in careUnlike a carer introduction service, we employ all our carers directly. This means we are responsible for vetting and training them and for monitoring and supervising their work. It also means we can vouch for them, both in terms of their care skills and their good character. We value previous experience in our carers because we believe it demonstrates commitment and reliability. It also allows us to offer our clients better continuity of care, bearing in mind that many new entrants to the care sector leave again within twelve months. We obtain two previous employment references and carry out a DBS check on all new carers. We then build on this previous experience with our own in-house Induction Course and regular ongoing training and support.

Will live-in care work for my loved one?

It is not always easy for the elderly to accept that they are struggling to cope on their own at home. But while they might view the prospect of moving to a care home with some trepidation, they may also not be entirely keen on the idea of sharing their home with a full-time carer! This is where a trial period comes in. Once they have sampled live-in care for themselves, most people are convinced. They quickly realise that 24 hour live-in care will allow them to maintain much of their freedom and independence. They can see that by accepting a certain amount of change, they are able to continue living their lives much as they did before.

In Sussex we offer our two week trial to see if live-in care is right for you or your loved one

Many of our long-standing clients were first attracted to Care at Home by our offer of two week trial.  Two weeks is normally long enough for someone to decide if live-in care is going to work for them. Indeed, many of our clients have recognised within just a few days that live-in care is a better option for them than moving to a care home. Often they tell us that they wished they had made the decision far sooner.

Contacting Care at Home

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There was universal praise for carers and they were described as, “wonderful”, and “outstanding”.

#25. CQC inspection 2015

We are profoundly grateful that we found out about the existence of Care at Home.

#7. Close relative of a client in Birmingham

Your carer improved my mother’s quality of life with her wonderful sense of humour and loving care beyond anything we had seen before.

#4. Son of a client in Leicestershire

I am so, so, so happy with the support my aunt has been given. Her carer is excellent & fantastic.

#9. Niece of client in Beccles, Suffolk

Branka’s care was exceptional and we were so lucky to have her looking after Don for the last year of his life, and helping to make him as calm and comfortable as possible’.

#38 Clients daughter in law in Hertfordshire.

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