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Live in care Warwickshire

Residential care is not the only option!

Whilst there are plenty of perfectly good care homes in Warwickshire, residential care will not suit everyone. What many older people want above all in their later years is to remain in their own home. Daily visiting care is all well and good, but there is only so much a visiting carer can do in a visit lasting an hour or less. There inevitably comes a time where your loved one really needs full-time care and support and, most important of all, regular companionship. The obvious solution is for them to move into residential care, but is it what they really want? Are they ready to give up all the creature comforts of home?

The ideal solution

If your loved one has reservations about selling their home and moving to a care home, we have the ideal solution. With full-time live-in care from Care at Home, your loved one can continue leading the life they want to in the comfort and safety of their own home. Their hand-picked carer will be there for them 24 hours a day to provide companionship, cook their favourite meals, take care of the house-keeping and provide whatever personal care they may require.

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Live-in care with Care at Home costs less than good quality residential care

Whilst many older people struggle on with informal help from family or friends,Live-in care is a stress-free alternative to the ordeal of your loved one having to sell their home and move to a residential care home – and you may be surprised how little full-time live-in care actually costs.

Types of care

We offer full-time, one to one, live-in care to meet the following needs:

Care at Home bulletThe Care at Home way

With over 25 years of experience our team are proud to be recognised as one of the leading specialist companies in live-in care. Our clients can expect a quality of service and attention to detail that shows we really do care.
Our approach to trialling live-in care has been influenced by our extensive knowledge helping thousands of clients and their families see the benefit of a quality live-in care service.

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There was universal praise for carers and they were described as, “wonderful”, and “outstanding”.

#25. CQC inspection 2015

We are profoundly grateful that we found out about the existence of Care at Home.

#7. Close relative of a client in Birmingham

Your carer improved my mother’s quality of life with her wonderful sense of humour and loving care beyond anything we had seen before.

#4. Son of a client in Leicestershire

I am so, so, so happy with the support my aunt has been given. Her carer is excellent & fantastic.

#9. Niece of client in Beccles, Suffolk

Branka’s care was exceptional and we were so lucky to have her looking after Don for the last year of his life, and helping to make him as calm and comfortable as possible’.

#38 Clients daughter in law in Hertfordshire.

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