My siblings and I are so grateful for the care that Nancy Nyagah gave our Dad, an elderly man, who had become very frail.

We had observed a great variety of carers and my sister, brother and I were understandably anxious that Dad’s live in carer would be a good and compatible choice.

Impressed by Care at Home’s initial process we understood that here was a company that understood the importance of finding the right person.

We were delighted with the tender care Nancy gave Dad. Sensitive and warm, she definitely had the right approach for our dear father. Nancy is very friendly and genuine, so we had no concerns about a new person living in our father’s home.

Our Dad’s passing was very peaceful and Nancy was so valuable at this time. For a few days afterwards Nancy stayed with us to help and support us, for this also we are very grateful.

How do you decide who will look after an increasingly frail and vulnerable parent? For us the solution was an easy one! My brother, my sister and myself send our sincere gratitude to those at Care at Home and our heartfelt thanks to Nancy Nyagah.

Dominic and family

Dear Sarah,

Tim, Anne and I want to thank you for all your advice and support over the last two years with Pat’s care. You have always been there at the end of a phone, to help if needed and we regard you as a friend rather than the ‘Manager of Care at Home.’ We so appreciated your efforts to procure the hospital bed, which has proved such a wonderful asset in so many ways – Pat used to say she ‘loved her bed.’

We did appreciate all that Happy did for Pat and I’m sure it is down to her efforts that Pat had two reasonably contented years. All Pat’s friends regarded her as one of the family and always remarked how well Pat was cared for and how everything was kept so beautifully neat.

With many thanks and our good wishes,

Client’s daughter

Your company, Angela & Mame have made a very difficult few weeks easier for our family. Mum loved Mame and we hope to stay in touch with this very special lady, we couldn’t have wished for better care and compassion.

Hi Sarah,

Just dropping you a line to let you know how wonderful the girls think Murriam, Joan’s new carer is.   They have all witnessed such a change in Joan’s wellbeing since she has started.   Joan seems much more relaxed, and from our point of view working alongside Murriam is a pleasure from start to finish.  Please would you pass this on.

Kind Regards


Dear Sarah
Just a quick email to say I have been so anxious that Marys birthday party went off well…..I needn’t have worried. Esther was beyond wonderful. She is very tidy minded and quietly and efficiently cleared up any mess as it happened.
I know it is your policy to let you know if we would like to give a cash gift to carers so we would like to give a small gift to Esther to say a huge “Thankyou” for all that she has done to make Marys birthday so special.
Thankyou also for Marys card from all the office staff.
M x

Hi Sarah
My husband and I recently spent several days with Mum whilst she was in the care of Delphy and we want say how much she impressed us. Her whole demeanour was one of constant, respectful concern for Mum’s welfare on so many fronts. On several occasions I heard her say that she was there to do whatever Mum wanted and she did indeed seem happy and very willing to please – even under difficult circumstances!
oth my brother and I find her kind and friendly yet extremely diligent in her caring capacity and —- Mum has no complaints about her cooking, which is praise indeed!
She epitomises all the qualities of an ideal carer and we are delighted to have her,
Kindest regards

Hi Sarah

Hope you managed to get back alright on Friday.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to help my Mother and for introducing us to the amazing, blessed St. Reggie!

She had not even been with us for 24 hours and she had Mummy walking. WALKING! I know, unbelievable but true.
She is everything you promised and more.

It’s so good to have Mummy back home again as I’m sure you can imagine. Your ears must have been burning nonstop over the past few days as I have not stopped talking about you and Reggie!

I look forward to Seeing you soon.

Lots of Love x

Hope everyone has a lovely Bank holiday.
I just wanted to say how pleased we are with your organisation. We have never been disappointed with a carer.
As you know, we think that Nancy is the bee’s knees.
Binta is always cheerful and Mary responds well to her.
Having just met Esther she is smiley and Mary likes her. A great new addition. Hope she will stand in for Nancy at the end of May.
Many thanks for all you do.

We think Nancy is the best thing since sliced bread. She is so good for Mary and encourages her in so many ways. Some days you would never believe that Mary has dementia.
As a replacement Binta is superb. She is so cheerful and bad things always seem to happen when she is in charge. This week, for example, I could hardly walk and so it was down to Binta to organise various appointments for Mary. She coped admirably and never made an issue of it.
So pleased with all your girls……thanks.
Best wishes.

I am writing in appreciation of one of your carers, Jacy.

Jacy has been caring for one of our adult home tube fed patients and I wanted to write to you and highlight her good work. She has been trained to administer the patients feeding regime and has learnt how to do this very quickly and does so in a very professional way.

When I last visited the patient Jacy was able to provide to me all the information I needed very effectively and clearly making my dietetic assessment a lot easier. She has been working with the Abbott Nurse advisor and has taken on the care of the gastrostomy feeding tube and site as well and the feeding equipment. She liaises with us closely and calls as needed.

Nutrition & Dietetics Service, Hertfordshire Community NHS Trust

I am writing to tell you how pleased we are that Rose was able to return to my mother-in-law after her leave. My mother-in-law herself was immensely pleased as she was worried Rose may not return.

Initially she agreed to live-in care as the least worse option but Rose has built up such a good relationship with her that they appear more like companions than client and carer. I have noticed how much better my mother-in-law looks now that she is being fed properly. Rose has also managed to get her to go out for walks again (a remarkable achievement) and this has enhanced her all round physical well-being.

Although her memory is failing a little, she is generally more alert now that Rose is living in and providing company. I think we can agree that Rose’s presence has been totally positive.

Son-in-law, Norfolk

Hi Sarah,

Lily looked after dad for two and half months and I cannot praise her enough. He could be difficult and rude but lily just took it in her stride, often sharing things with me which we would chat about and resolve the situation. She was truly dedicated to dads needs and prayed for him to be well, sadly dad passed a few days later.

Anyone who has lily as there carer will be very lucky as she is such a lovely lady and believes in what she is doing, she just wants to care for people and make their lives more comfortable, me and my brother are so grateful to lily for making it possible for dad to be at home rather than having to go into a care home

With many thanks to care at home for helping us with a difficult situation made easier.

Daughter of client in Rayleigh, Essex

Dear Sarah
I would like to thank you, Angela and all the carers and especially Agy and Josephine, for looking after Dad so well since April 2016. It has not always been an easy task but we really appreciate the care and kindness of your team.

Hi Sarah,
A happy New Year – I hope you had a good break. I would like you to see a copy of the poem I wrote as part of Happy’s ‘Thankyou’ Christmas present.
We wanted her to know how much we appreciate the care that she gives Pat and, as you know, she is not good at receiving praise. We printed it with a picture of her with Pat (taken on the 95th birthday) and framed it. I have to say she was rather emotional – we didn’t mean to upset her!
Clients niece, Essex

birthdays at care at home

We all – family, friends, neighbours – all already know/can readily see how amazing Abe is, but here are just three examples from my recent flying visit;
1) Sarg, the village shopkeeper, says that she is by far & away the best carer… and he singled out her skill in anticipating Stuart’s needs.
2) The kitchen kettle! Abe is concerned to keep the INSIDE of the kettle clean/free from calcification that she ensures that NOT A DROP of water is left in it overnight.
And, finally…
3) my electrical convertor, which I would plug in in the kitchen to charge my phone… and every morning someone – the mobile phone/fire safety fairy? – would have at some point unplugged it AND turned the switch to the off position.
I rest my case.
All the best to everyone at Care at Home for 2017.. Keep up the good work!

handwritten thank you note

It is heart-breaking when you realise your loved ones who have always been active and independent can no longer look after themselves. It is even more worrying when you live at the other end of the country.
My aunt and uncle both suffered from Dementia with no family living nearby, we were in despair knowing what to do. It was their wish that they stayed in their own home so we had to find a care agency who would provide 24 hour care, an agency that we could trust, who were professional, competent and most importantly would care for them the way we would.
From the very first moment we met Care at Home’s representative we were immediately put at ease and that has been the case throughout the time we have been with them. All our requirements were met, the monthly phone calls kept us updated on every aspect of their care and has helped enormously to reassure us all was well. Their carer was outstanding with his care and support, not only to my aunt and uncle but to us as a family.
We have found Care at Home are definitely what caring for elderly loved ones in their own home is all about.

Clients niece
Beccles, Norfolk

Can I just say that Nancy is a delight. She takes Mary out and about all over the place and it is easy to spot that Mary is very happy and content. I admire the fact that Nancy will take no nonsense. Racist taxi drivers being an example!
All your staff we have encountered here have been lovely!!

I wanted to let you know that Losewinda developed a real meaningful relationship with my mother becoming her friend as well as her carer. She always went the extra mile to try to make my mother happy as well as ensuring her safety and well-being.
All who got to know her in relation to caring for Vera were very impressed with her and the care she provided to Vera, her family, her neighbours and other carers. We really miss her extremely sunny personality.

J. Crowe
Clients daughter, London

Chimere has been a brilliant long term carer for Muriel. Her very high standards of care has meant that Muriel has spent her final years of life in her own home surrounded by loving and caring individuals and her family.
Chimere has worked very well with other carers and has always been a shining light in many hours of darkness for both Muriel and her family.
We shall miss her very much and send every good wish with her for her next placement

P. Hassall
Client’s daughter in law, Nottingham

To all at care at home
I write to thank you for the wonderful service you provide. Being able to keep Dad at home for the last 18 months has been much appreciated. Please pass on our thanks, particularly to Sarah, who was so kind and helpful from day one, her relationship with Dad and with us was very special, also to Rudo who was so patient and supportive to Dad for such a long time.

C. Bailey
Client’s daughter, Oxfordshire

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the care given to Howard over the past two weeks. Rudo was so capable, confident and caring in her role. Howard was happy and Rudo was able to cope with any challenges. She was also able to communicate with Howard in a nice way.

I have been poorly for a couple of days and Rudo made a banana loaf with Howard yesterday afternoon as I was unable to do so, being full of cold

Client’s sister, Oxfordshire

I have to tell you again how amazing Happy is – Pat is so well and contented. Her words to us yesterday were “I know I have wonderful care, thanks to ‘Taffy’ and I am so happy”. Some friends visited while we were away. They had last seen Pat at Christmas (and had admitted that they didn’t expect to see her again as they live in Scotland). I had an email from them saying how very well Pat looked and she was always laughing.
Happy worked a miracle and managed to get her into Jan’s car to go to the ‘Queen’s birthday party’ at the day centre, – it was raining! We went over yesterday knowing the grass would need cutting _ Happy had done it! I am constantly telling her how marvellous she is and how much we all appreciate what she does for Pat.
She is a total treasure.

Memory has been wonderful – Pat loved her – Her comment “I really do have some lovely girls looking after me!” and she also said to Memory (with her civil service hat on!) – “I really must write you a good reference.” So we now have two carers –Thembe or Memory – who we would be very happy to have back again. You do pick and match your carers very well.

Client’s niece, Essex

I just wanted to let you know that Veronica is doing a great job with mum.

S. Rider
Client’s daughter, Hertford

I wanted to let you know that from our point of view we think Janet is doing really well with dad.
She has a lovely positive personality and communicates well both with us and more importantly with Dad. I think she and Ana must have had a very good handover because as far as I can see so far she is doing everything the same so Dad is not having to deal with unexpected changes. Thank you

P. Hallam
Clients daughter, London

Dear Sarah,

I called home today and Abe told me how she and my father had been to see the renal specialist at the hospital yesterday. Sarah, I have to tell you that this is someone whom our father has been seeing FOR SOME YEARS now… and yesterday the specialist discharged him from his care!

I think the specialist was as surprised as anyone, but after him asking what they have been doing and Abe telling him that she cooks from scratch every day… he had his answer.

This positive development and outcome is testament to Abe and her loving care & attention. The family are all extremely grateful that she is Sour father’s carer.

Yours in appreciation,

D Mcintyre
Client’s son, Essex

Hi Sarah
I would just like to say thank you for all your hard work and your understanding and to everyone that has helped us along the way. It’s been a pleasure dealing with the company and the professional service we have received and would recommend your company without any hesitation,

Again many thanks Sarah and your team

A truly caring carer.

A Bird
Client’s daughter in law, Leicester

Dear Sarah,

We write to thank you for the excellent service that Care at Home provided for us over the recent months.

From the initial telephone contact and subsequent and thorough assessment with dad by yourself, we were hugely impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail shown. This gave us confidence that you would be able to find the right carer for dad.

Olu, was a real gem! She provided wonderful care and went about her duties discreetly and with dignity throughout. We saw her caring and understanding relationship with dad and we also shared her good sense of humour. Her cooking skills were second to none, producing excellent tasty meals from fresh ingredients and he even made the simplest of dishes look appetising. She ensured dad was washed and shaved and clean clothes were laid out for him daily. It was a real comfort to be told by a nurse, on his admission to hospital that they could tell he has been well cared for. For this we shall be forever grateful.

D, Marns
Client’s son, Essex

I would really like you to know what an outstanding carer Lizzie is and I can’t tell you how much I have valued her kindness, experience and loyalty to the family. She has had to manage some very challenging situations with ‘varying’ support from the District Nurses.…….but she always makes sure that mum never suffers no matter what is asked of her. The last months have been so worrying for all of us…………..but I always know that I can rely on the care that mum receives and the relationship that exists between carer and client is really phenomenal. Lizzie still manages to get mum to church every Sunday which is quite a feat and I know that the church so admire her for her efforts in making this happen.

She deserves the highest praise.

M, Osaer
Client’s daughter, Watford

I am writing to say how much I have appreciated Dorcas’s level headedness and kindness as she has looked after my dad in such a loving and supportive (and humorous) way. She is such a good friend to me too, and it makes all the difference to my own life having her there.

Thank you so much for everything

S, Bennett
Client’s daughter, Cambridge

Dear Sarah,
Carol, Brian and myself would all like to thank Care at Home for all the support and help we received from yourself and your colleagues for the period that mum was cared for.

We cannot express enough how much Nancy lovingly cared for mum and how she made the last few months of her life bearable. She encouraged her to live life as best she could. She is a true inspiration.

Nancy not only cared for mum but she became a good friend to Carol, Brian and myself and we all regarded her as part of our family and we feel honoured to have met her.

J, Pilgrim
Client’s daughter, Potters Bar

We are so thankful to Reggie for being such a great carer for mum, she is so professional and pays a lot of attention to detail. There is a lot involved with mums care and she handles it so well.

We would like this to go on her records as a commendation of the excellent care she provides daily for mum.

We would also like to thank you all at Care at Home for being such excellent care providers.
A, Sumption
Client’s daughter, Brighton

Nelly has been fantastic and we hope that you will make that known in her company notes. She truly has been an angel xxx

S, Hawkshaw
Client’s daughter, Milton Keynes

Thank you for choosing Florah to look after my mum while Rose was on her break last week. Florah was the most conscientious and kindly carer. She kept mum and her house looking immaculate and attended to all mums now very complex needs – no easy task!

She made life easier for everyone by sticking to the routines that Rose has established, and, since mum is barely able to communicate these days she had to use intuition and a gentle, sympathetic manner to find how to help her.
A truly caring carer.

A, Matthews
Client’s daughter, Essex

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There was universal praise for carers and they were described as, “wonderful”, and “outstanding”.

#25. CQC inspection 2015

We are profoundly grateful that we found out about the existence of Care at Home.

#7. Close relative of a client in Birmingham

Your carer improved my mother’s quality of life with her wonderful sense of humour and loving care beyond anything we had seen before.

#4. Son of a client in Leicestershire

I am so, so, so happy with the support my aunt has been given. Her carer is excellent & fantastic.

#9. Niece of client in Beccles, Suffolk

Branka’s care was exceptional and we were so lucky to have her looking after Don for the last year of his life, and helping to make him as calm and comfortable as possible’.

#38 Clients daughter in law in Hertfordshire.

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