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The best way to get your questions answered is simply to call us on the number above – at any time of the day or night. That way, you can ask us any other questions you might have on the spot. And because we are don’t subcontract any external call centres, you know that you will be speaking to an actual member of the staff team every time you call in. In addition, you can find answers to the main questions we get asked, below.

1. About our care

  1. What is live-in care?
  2. What sort of help do your carers provide?
  3. How soon can you start providing care?
  4. Will my carer take me out?
  5. What if I’m taken seriously ill in the middle of the night?
  6. Do your carers assist with medication?

2. About the costs

  1. How much is my care likely to cost?
  2. Are there any extra charges?
  3. Can I get help with payments?

3. About our carers

  1. Can I choose my carer?
  2. Will I have the same carer all the time?
  3. Do you employ your carers directly?
  4. What checks do you carry out before employing a new carer?
  5. What training do your carers receive?
  6. Do your carers help with housework?
  7. What facilities should I provide for the carer?


1. About our care

1.1. What is live-in care?

It means having a carer come and live with you in your own home to assist you with daily living and household tasks. Live-in care is a favourable alternative to moving into a care home or nursing home because it allows you to maximise your independence.

1.2. How will my carer support me?

Your carer will support you in a variety of ways, including:

1.3. How soon can you start providing care?

Before care can start, our care assessor would visit and carry out a free care needs assessment at a time of your choice. Following this, we can generally start providing care within seven days.

1.4. Will my carer take me out?

Yes, provided it is safe, your carer will encourage you to go out as much as you wish, and will be happy to go with you.

1.5. What if I’m taken seriously ill in the middle of the night?

Your carer is fully trained to deal with such emergencies.

1.6. Do your carers assist with medication?

Yes, and our carers are fully trained and updated annually to do this.

2. About the costs

2.1. How much is my care likely to cost?

Our charge for live-in care starts at less than £900* a week, which is actually less than many care homes. If the care is for two people, the savings made by having care in the home are far more substantial. The exact price will be confirmed once we have carried out a free assessment of the care needs with you and your family. We can then draw up a care needs plan and determine the cost of your care. Most importantly, we believe in transparency and therefore do not have hidden charges.

*See our page How much does care cost for more information.

2.2. Are there any extra, hidden charges?

No, our charges are all-inclusive as we are transparent. There are no charges for any work undertaken by us before the care starts. You won’t be charged for registration, assessment or travelling expenses. Though once the care begins, you will need to provide food for your carer, or money to buy their own food.

2.3. Can I get help with payments?

Some people might be entitled to financial help, depending on their circumstances and where they live. We can provide guidance on this. See our care funding page for more information.

3. About our carers

If you wish to know even more about our carers than is answered in these FAQs below, see our Carers page.

3.1. Can I choose my carer?

Yes. We offer each client a selection of carers based on their profiles. And though it is rare, if the match doesn’t work out for any reason, we will switch a carer. There are occasions where you and your family can meet our carers prior to care commencing.

3.2. Will I have the same carer all the time?

Generally, yes – because this helps to provide continuity and stability. These factors are particularly important for individuals living with dementia. This means you will have a main carer, with a second carer to provide cover when the main carer is on holiday. There may be occasions beyond our control whereby another carer will need to be introduced. This will always be discussed with you beforehand.

3.3. Do you employ your carers directly?

Yes. We are a genuine care provider rather than just an employment or introduction agency for carers, and because we employ our carers directly, we are responsible for screening, training, supervising, monitoring and supporting them. This enables us to be sure they are competent and have the qualities you would look for when choosing someone to take care of you. Equally this means you can be sure of their quality, dedication, professionalism, and commitment.

3.4. What checks do you carry out before employing a new carer?

All our carers must have a year’s experience as a carer (or nurse) before we take them on. After that, we train and induct them to ensure they are able to provide the care to our standards. They need two written references from employers and we carry out a disclosure and barring service (DBS) check on them before they start, and again every four years.

3.5. What training do your carers receive?

We take pride in training and inducting all of our carers ourselves in many aspects of care including, but not limited to, the following modules:

3.6. Do your carers cook or help with housework?

Yes. They will take care of the home and do the regular housework. They will also cook all meals as required. In addition to cooking the meals you like, they will be happy to cook their own favourites for you, too.

3.7. What facilities will I have to provide for the carer?

They will need their own bedroom with two sets of bed linen and towels, and somewhere to hang their clothes. You’ll also need to provide them with the food to make their meals.

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There was universal praise for carers and they were described as, “wonderful”, and “outstanding”.

#25. CQC inspection 2015

We are profoundly grateful that we found out about the existence of Care at Home.

#7. Close relative of a client in Birmingham

Your carer improved my mother’s quality of life with her wonderful sense of humour and loving care beyond anything we had seen before.

#4. Son of a client in Leicestershire

I am so, so, so happy with the support my aunt has been given. Her carer is excellent & fantastic.

#9. Niece of client in Beccles, Suffolk

Branka’s care was exceptional and we were so lucky to have her looking after Don for the last year of his life, and helping to make him as calm and comfortable as possible’.

#38 Clients daughter in law in Hertfordshire.

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